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Conceive a pallet that supports
the future of the planet, the company, and everyone.

Based on the three countries, Korea, China and Japan, in 2007, about 72 million pallets for export were consumed, and the amount used exceeded 1 trillion Korean Won.
Among them, disposable pallets account for more than 99% of the total.
Disposable pallets that arrive in the exporting country cannot be recovered but are entirely discarded, incurring enormous industrial waste and disposal costs.

R-to pallets,
100% recyclable.

It can be used repeatedly, there is no disposal cost, reduces logistics costs
Saves energy by 95%, and even reduces carbon emissions.

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How much money and resources
would be saved if pallets could be reused?

Export pallets that are consumed for one-time use are made of reusable materials to protect
the environment and reduce the cost of pallet making/disposal.

Introducing R-to. What is R-to Platform?

R-to is a system that replaces the disposable pallets used for
international trade with high-quality R-to pallets.
Sends them freely to export areas, retrieving them after use.

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