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Alporter is a logistics manufacturing company that manufactures logistics equipment, aluminum palettes, and aluminum rolltainers.Alporter displayed R-to at the exhibition.R-to's R means "Rental" and to means "anywhere." The R-to's R-to's R-Palette for export to Alporter means "Rental."It means heading to various parts of the world through logistics.R-to allows companies to transport their products to export areas at low pricesIt is a customer-centered rental service that directly collects and resupplies palettes.As a result, one-stop service from delivery to recovery is possible only by orderingMinimize your idle pallet with the shortest distance and minimum time supplyIt provides a customized solution that fits the type of customer's operation.

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Rporter will be held at KINTEX in Ilsan from May 25 to 28With the import and export pallet rental platform (R-to) at the 10th International Logistics CompetitionIt introduces various palettes, stacking racks, and hand pallet trucks.The R-to block pallet is an aluminum material and durable pallet that can withstand a load of 5 tons.Stringer-type/Sleeve-type aluminum pallet is a four-way borrowing portIt is a product that makes pallet work easy and makes it easy to use hand pallet trucks and forklifts.Alporter was established in September 2012 and utilizes the excellent characteristics of aluminum materialsIt is a company that develops and manufactures innovative logistics devices suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, rents, or sells them.Recently, Alporter has established a Pallet Sharing Platform 'R-to' platform that allows both participating companies combined with IoT and the sharing economy.R (rental) + To (anywhere) means you're heading anywhere in the world through an export pallet rentalIf a company rents and exports a pallet, a local partner collects the pallet from the importer,It is a system that resupplies pallet to a third-party local exporter.