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  • What are the advantages of R-to pallets?

    By using reusable pallets, there is an effect of reducing carbon emissions, and rental is possible at a much lower cost compared to the purchase price.
  • To which countries can R-to pallets be used for export?

    Export can be applied to any country in the world, including the US, Europe, and China.
  • How is the rental fee determined?

    Estimation is composed through comprehensive information such as customer's pallet size, usage environment, and usage period. Please contact us and we will consult with you.
  • If the rental pallet is damaged, will the customer compensat…

    Except in some special cases, maintenance for damage is carried out by Alporter. Customers can use normal products.
  • I am curious about the R-to pallet size

    We provide pallets suitable for customer requirements, such as T11(1100*1100), T12(1200*1000), T13(1300*1100), etc.